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The Movie "Molitva za getmana Masepu"
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During the war between Russia and Sweden (1708-1709), Ivan Mazepa, hetman of the Ukraine (which at that time belonged to the Russian Empire), signed a pact with the Swedish King Carl XII. against the Russian Tsar Peter I. - also known as "Peter the Great". Mazepa's goal is to gain independence for the Ukraine, however, Carl is defeated at the battle of Poltava and loses the war. During the battle, Mazepa and the Tsar have a hefty argument, after which the Tsar celebrates his defeat of the Swedish army at a victory banquet. However, Mazepa and the King of Sweden manage to avoid the Tsar's banquet invitation by escaping. The hunt for Carl XII. and the ageing Mazepa begins. Sensing that he is close to death, Mazepa begins to look back upon the various stages of his stormy life full of bold aggression, love affairs, political mystification and intrigue. These events begin to get mixed up in Mazepa's feverish fantasies.
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